The Best Cafes And Restaurants In Melbourne

Melbourne is a city full of hidden secrets. We already spoke about the street art of Melbourne. This is the same for bars, cafes and restaurants. We were further informed that many businesses deliberately choose to install their facilities in out of sight locations. This allows them to create a buzz around the opening, consumers disclosing the new find to their social circles which, in turn, spreads the word. This is a risky marketing strategy but that seems to be a new trend in Melbourne's industry. So which are the best cafes and restaurants in Melbourne? We will not answer this question here. We will leave you the pleasure of strolling through the streets, to seek and discover by yourself. We are still going to give you a few clues to tease you and inspire you to find some of our favorite places in Melbourne:
  • A rooftop bar/cinema on the fifth floor of a building (no elevator): amazing view of Melbourne's Central Business District,
  • An alley in the heart of the city which is lined with restaurants and cafes (photo): menus and windows are really appealing,
  • An Italian cafe, probably Melbourne's largest, which is reminiscent of those found in Milan: the selection of pastries is impressive (and tasty!).

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